Thanks to a current offer, I finally got my hands on Robocop: Rogue City for the Xbox Series S.

I was interested in the game even before it came out, even though I'm not the biggest Robocop fan. I certainly understand the cult surrounding this tin hero, but I thought the movie itself was rather below average years ago.


I just played the new Forza Horizon on my Xbox Series S for the first time and was shocked to discover that the game is cruel. Cruel in the sense that I can't keep my fingers off the game.

I am a huge, huge car racing fan. From Need for Speed to Grand Prix or Mario Kart, I think I've been in just about every car. But at least for me, the driving sims have been a little bit on the back burner lately, as I've been loving doing laps in Forza Horizon 4 and 5.


Until 17.09.2023 you have the opportunity to play the game The Crew Motorfest by Ubisoft for free for 5 hours (and then transfer the score to the purchased game, if you want). I tried it last night and was quickly disillusioned.

Everyone, really everyone, says it's a Forza Horizon duplicate. Yes, it is, but not quite as high quality. The game stutters, the tearing is unbearable, the graphics are generally not that high quality, although they are still nice to look at.