28:53 minutes of The Crew Motorfest on Xbox Series S

Until 17.09.2023 you have the opportunity to play the game The Crew Motorfest by Ubisoft for free for 5 hours (and then transfer the score to the purchased game, if you want). I tried it last night and was quickly disillusioned.

Everyone, really everyone, says it's a Forza Horizon duplicate. Yes, it is, but not quite as high quality. The game stutters, the tearing is unbearable, the graphics are generally not that high quality, although they are still nice to look at.

The music in the game motivates, while the intro, especially the lady who introduces us, speaks as unmotivatedly as a snail in a 100-metre race.

As of now, this is a game I'm only too happy to love. But the tearing alone keeps me from doing so. And somehow also the thought that the 2 year old Forza Horizon 5 looks and generally plays much better.

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