15 Cruel Minutes with Forza Motorsport

I just played the new Forza Horizon on my Xbox Series S for the first time and was shocked to discover that the game is cruel. Cruel in the sense that I can't keep my fingers off the game.

I am a huge, huge car racing fan. From Need for Speed to Grand Prix or Mario Kart, I think I've been in just about every car. But at least for me, the driving sims have been a little bit on the back burner lately, as I've been loving doing laps in Forza Horizon 4 and 5.

So now it's back to the racetracks of this world. And baby, how great they look. What even the small Xbox Series S conjures up on my 4K TV is really great. The graphics are breathtaking, even in performance mode with buttery smooth 60 FPS.

In the first round, I still had all the driving aids on, which I then reduced pretty quickly. Well, I don't want to shift gears with the controller, but at least the brake is mine alone and I don't want to know anything about steering assistance.

With the right settings, you feel like you're on the road. You can literally feel the asphalt. The sound is overwhelming and flexes its muscles just like the vehicles themselves.

Also interesting: As a rule, I look at the car from behind. But this time, the cockpit view really appealed to me. Not only because it looks very detailed and realistic. It enhances the driving experience even more in this obviously terrific simulation.

Well, as I said. It's just cruel what they do to us gamers with it. Always these games that you can't keep your hands off....

I'll drive a few more rounds today and report back later.

PS: Yes, I got the game through GamePass and upgraded it with the Premium Upgrade. This has given me a few great cars right at the beginning and the opportunity to play the whole thing today. The official release is actually on October 10.

More about the game: https://forza.net/

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