1 Hour in Rogue City

Thanks to a current offer, I finally got my hands on Robocop: Rogue City for the Xbox Series S.

I was interested in the game even before it came out, even though I'm not the biggest Robocop fan. I certainly understand the cult surrounding this tin hero, but I thought the movie itself was rather below average years ago.

Well, the game is here and it's a pure declaration of love to the movie, and yes, I'm only referring to the first film here. With slow, beating steps, I make my way towards a huge tower, walk through run-down streets, see drug addicts lying left and right and the first pools of blood give an idea of what's to come.

In the end, only Robocop's walk is cumbersome. Apart from that, the game has become a thoroughbred and very respectable shooter, which has also been given a good portion of violence. And then when the original soundtrack of the movie is used in certain scenes, the feeling is indescribable.

It doesn't matter that no high-end graphics were used. What counts here is a more than successful atmosphere and allusions that can be found at every worn corner.

Hey, this is fanservice deluxe, even for people who only know the trigger-happy dustbin by sight. For my part, I'm having a lot of fun playing the game and am looking forward to the next hour. And the next hour. And the next hour.

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