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I just discovered Jusant, which will be released for Xbox in GamePass at the end of October. It is a “relaxing climbing game”. Ever upward with beautiful graphics and enchanting music. For me, right after finding it, it climbed way up my must-have list as well. I honestly can't wait to just let myself drift after discovering bouldering for myself some time ago.


Until 17.09.2023 you have the opportunity to play the game The Crew Motorfest by Ubisoft for free for 5 hours (and then transfer the score to the purchased game, if you want). I tried it last night and was quickly disillusioned.

Everyone, really everyone, says it's a Forza Horizon duplicate. Yes, it is, but not quite as high quality. The game stutters, the tearing is unbearable, the graphics are generally not that high quality, although they are still nice to look at.


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